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Traditional House

NANSI THE CHAGGA HOUSE The Chagga house is a warm and very comfortable house. The house is made of local treated wooden frames and dry banana leaves. Te house accommodates family members and their livestock who mutually live together. Exceptionally it is sound proof and with no echo. When it rains it rains, there is always sound detected when within the house. Never will rain drip into the house. When going into the house from outside, the first to meet are the livestock. Nansi is highly ventilated though there are no windows. The house therefore does not smell smoke livestock.      ...

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Kijiji walk

This is a very excite walk in the traditionally setting Chagga village. You will walk in narrow paths “vichochoro’ across the banana and coffee sambas. You will also get an opportunity to pass by Chagga homesteads, local brew ‘mbege’ clubs, shops ‘dukas and genges’.  In you walk; you meet Chagga people who will give you warm smiles and greetings! The children will accompany their greetings with ‘Good morning teacher!’ regardless of your profession and the time of the day! Income generated by 100% remains to the community by paying all sorts of operational costs such as tour guiding fees,...

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Cultural Half Day Trip to Chagga Village

PACKAGE A: Cultural Half Day Trip to Chagga village and a village walk: A welcome to a Chagga village is guaranteed. You will spend time within a Chagga family at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Get to know various tools used by the tribe in collection within our Chagga Village Cultural Museum with a lot of old tools and coins used in ancient times.  Your tour will proceed to the coffee farms to know how coffee is produced locally and then hike to the waterfalls. On the way one will get an opportunity to interact with local people. (A glass of fresh juice/coffee/tea with snacks and one bottle of water are...

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Nkweshoo Village Biking Day Tour

(From –Machame – Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism office to village forest) – 2hours The biking experience starts from our office with professional biking guide, you will ride around the village criss-crossing banana and coffee farms to the beautiful community forest, where you will be able to enjoy the forest, natural vegetations around and off-course interact with the local people. A chance to explore various plants with medicinal value and melodious birds singing in the forest is guaranteed.  Kili biking tour (From Machame – Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism office to Kilimanjaro National Park Machame gate) – 3hours On your mountain bike, take a ride from our office led by our professional biking guide to Kilimanjaro National Park (machame gate) on route you will be able to see coffee and banana plantations. At the gate, you will be received by marvelous natural forest around the gate and have very fresh breath. Also, see different activities done before climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. On your way back you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro and its low land around.. Kalali Market Biking Tour  (From Machame-Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism office to kalali local market)-4hours Get unforgettable experience of the kalali market. A biking tour to local community market, this will be on Mondays and Thursdays (market days). This will give you an exception experience to see and learn how the machame people...

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