Established in June 2008 with the vision of conserving the lushness of the environment through agricultural activities and planting trees, the women of Machame Nkweshoo came together to create; ‘Machame Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism Enterprise’. Machame is a typical rural village located on the green slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro with most inhabitants being farmers reliant on their crop harvests from coffee cultivation, the growing of vegetables and fruits. Its location being strategically located made it more effective to start up a cultural tourism enterprise especially for the clients interested in climbing up the mountain for acclimatization purposes. Besides the area being right t Mount Kilimanjaro, there are other historical attractions such as old Chagga caves, Nkosalulu waterfalls, a hot water spring(Kikuletwa) and the oldest churches among other attractions.  Read more


Visitors will visit Nkosalulu water falls in Makoa river which is in Machame. … Read more


The tourists will visit the Old Chagga Caves and hides in a 4 hours visitRead more


Cooking preparation will give an opportunity to participate in various activities… Read more


Get the general perspective of Machame people lives by visiting the Local Market… Read more