PACKAGE A: Half Day Trip to the Chagaa Village.



You will be picked from your hotel lobby at around 8:00 am for a drive to Machame Nkweshoo. This will approximately take 1hour from Arusha. Upon arrival, (at 9:30am) an affectionate welcome is guaranteed from Coordinator accompanied by the guides. After which you will be guided through our office to sign the visitors’ book. Thereafter, at 10:00am, a brief history of the cultural enterprise and the wachagga tribe is specified. This includes their traditions, values, culture, taboos and economic activities since the Chagaa tribe make up a huge population of the inhabitants of Machame Nkweshoo. In addition to that, the Mt Kilimanjaro myth is also narrated.

After the above activities, at 10:40am, you will be guided to the Museum where you will see various tools and instrument used by the people of Kilimanjaro area in the far centuries. Our guides give brief explanations for each item and respond to the visitors’ questions appropriately.

We have quite a range of extraordinary activities but you will have to choose just one to undertake for a successful completion of the Half day trip. Each of the tours have their approximate time duration reason why you are to choose one that will be okay depending with your  rest of the day activities.

They include:

  • A visit to the old Ntondolo cave (4 hrs tour)
  • A visit to the Kikuletwa hotspring (3 hrs tour)
  • An insight in local coffee production (2-4 hrs tour)
  • A visit to the  Nkosalulu waterfalls (11/2 hrs tour)
  • Hiking  (3-5 hrs tour)
  • A visit to the Local schools (3 hrs tour)
  • A visit to the local brew plant (3 hrs tour)
  • Visiting Kalali Local Market (3-5 hrs)
  • Hiking through the first Missionary Route: (Mkwamwatu) Route:
  • Cooking Traditional Dishes:
  • Batik making and weaving

Indicated price covers:  Village Development .Fee, coordination fees, and local tour guide fee and contact person/people. The price does not include transport cost from where you are to our office, but we can arrange transport per request.
(A glass of fresh juice/coffee/tea with snacks and one bottle of water are inclusive)



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