6 Day Marangu Village Walking



Marangu is a chagga word which means “land of waters” and thus, there are many waterfalls.  We will take a short walk to stretch muscles and view the Chagga coffee and banana farms on your way to the water falls.

At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, outside the entrance to Kilimanjaro National Park, lie the beautiful towns of Mamba and Marangu.



Day 1:  Chagga Live Museum Visit

Travel 115km from Arusha to Marangu visit the Chagga Live Museum, have lunch, dinner and overnight at the lodge

The Chagga Live Museum has been established to provide background knowledge of Chagga life and local traditions to visitors and the local population to understand their roots.

Day 2:  Kilimanjaro Climbing Via Marangu Gate

After breakfast get ready for hiking!  We will start climbing Kilimanjaro at the Marangu gate.  When we reach 2743 meters we will stop for lunch and visit Maundi Crater before we begin our descent back down the mountain

Day 3: Local Blacksmiths and Kinuka Mori Waterfalls Visit

After morning breakfast at the hotel we will have a walk adventure along the Marangu Village and visiting the local blacksmiths, then head off to the Kinuka Mori waterfalls later walk to the Lodge for diner and overnight.

During your trek to the waterfalls you will enjoy the scenery of small coffee and banana farms. On the way you will pass Kinyange Market and our oldest Marangu Teachers Training College (1902).  Learn the amazing history of the waterfalls and have a swim in the breathtaking pool at the bottom of the falls.

Day 4:  Ndoro Waterfall and Underground Tunnels  Visit

After the morning breakfast at the hotel we will take us with the picnic lunch to the Ndoro waterfall. This is the biggest water falls in Marangu.  In the afternoon we will head off to underground tunnels then walk back to the lodge for diner and overnight.

Ndoro is a Chagga word refers to the black and white monkeys.  Here you will enjoy the waterfalls and relax after walking.

During the tribe wars underground tunnels were constructed.  Tunnels were secretly made underground where, in time of raids, the tribesmen could hide their cattle, women and children.  Blacksmithing is associated with availability of iron tools and contributed to the underground tunnels and their construction, which in turn induced confidence amongst the Chagga community.

Day 5:  Kilasiya Waterfalls and Ngangu Hill Trekking

After the breakfast at the hotel will walk to the waterfalls and later trekking on Ngangu Hill for a picnic lunch Kilasiya is a very beautiful natural waterfall, Kilasiya is Chagga language and means ‘endless’.  This endless waterfall is supplied by the river which flows throughout the year.  Flex your muscles and hike to the bottom and enjoy the natural environment at the waterfalls.

Ngangu Hill is south west of Mount Kilimanjaro, the top of the hill there is a beautiful scenic view in all directions, and here you can witness the beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro, Holili Ridge, Pare Mountains, Lake Jipe and House of God Dam.

Day 6:  Local Market Visit

After the breakfast we will walk to the local market and after that we will drive to Moshi or transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport.



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