Organic Food

What’s new @ Machame Nkwashoo Cultural Tourism Center:

Your well-being is very valuable for us at Nkwashoo, to ensure maximum enjoyment of your stay with us. We have therefore expanded our traditional heaithy cuisine menu to suit everybody. Eating at our place will give you the opportunity of enjoying the following among others:

  • Organically grown and traditionally prepared vegetables
  • Organically bred and prepared chicken
  • Organically produced eggs
  • Organically produced and processed honey
  • Organically produced milk
  • Typical healthy Chagga cuisine

Visitors will also have a chance of taking part in different economic activities depending on seasons such as coffee picking, harvesting crops etc. Activities like milking cows, peeling green bananas for preparation of meals, picking and preparing vegetables, preparing coffee and visit to the apiary are available all the time. Visit us for adventure, relaxation and fun all wrapped up together!

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