Bee Farming Excursion



In our homeland we also keep honey bee and this has proven to enhance environmental conservation as our activities minimizes effects on nature. In December and June, bees are the most abundant and the need for pollination is at its highest. We usually welcome people from different areas who have interest in participating Honey Breakfast which among others it will give beekeeping a particular focus and attention through educational and experience sharing.  Indeed, beyond inspiring stories together with the realization that bee products are healthy and nutritious, we have much to show and tell. You can book to walk with us in our privately owned honey garden and learn the importance of each plant, open one of the hives and search for the queen and drones; search for wild swarms and observe bees as they go about their work. You will have an opportunity to try our natural bee products and participate in making candle using beeswax and reward yourself with honey massage. By participating in these activities you will become intimate and showcase for an agricultural tradition, culture and nature. It is highly environmental and social responsible excursion.





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