Cultural Tour to Chagga Village, 3 Days/3 Nights



PACKAGE E:  Cultural Full 3days Trip to Chagga village and village walk

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will be met and greeted by our officer outside the customs, soon after you will be given a road transfer to the Machame Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism for dinner and overnight.

Day 1:  will be spent at the village Museum where you will see various tools and instrument used by the people of Kilimanjaro area in the far centuries. Our guides give brief explanations for each item and respond to the visitors’ questions appropriately.

The walking commences to the Nkosalulu water falls in Makoa River that flows from Mt Kilimanjaro forest. The river with it is surrounded by banana and coffee farms where visitors will see the indigenous people farming by traditional means then head straight up to the underground tunnels dwelled a long time ago where Chagga people used to hide from the local /traditional wars.

You will then head back to the homestay where you will be an adjunct to by the traditional Chagga dances. During the evening hours visitors will be invited to participate in the preparation of the local Chagga dinner (exceptional).

Day 2: Will be spent by a walk through the local market (Kalali) to give you a good perspective on how the Machame people live, eat and interact to each other and also an insight to the local economy and daily life activities of the Chagga people. The trip also will include a visit of the first church and see the memorial stone which depicts the landmark of the first missionary tour in the Chagga land. Here you will explore some of the remaining memorial stones some put in place by the earliest missionaries in Tanzania.

During the evening hours you will be invited to prepare local coffee and get to visit a nearby local brew bar, ( Mbege) where you will learn how coffee is grown, harvested and prepared into a cup of coffee in local people’s style. This also can go together with the learning of the Chagga relics, stories and others.

Day 3: will be spent with a visit to the natural forest of the Chagga land. This also will be accompanied by the visit of the nursery tree garden where by visitors can participate in voluntary planting of the tree to show the concern of environmental conservation.

Indicated price covers:  Village Development .Fee, coordination fees, and local tour guide fee and contact person/people. The price does not include transport cost from where you are to our office, but we can arrange transport per request.


You will get opportunity to participate in the undertaking / projects visit, of a nearby primary school and   interact with the pupils as well as their teachers so as to share the experience, visit  a nearby dispensary and the community library which is under construction for motivational speaks and advices.

Bee keeping is also done at a very small scale basically is also very personal but again you will find something new to learn and share.

A visit to the Kikuletwa hot spring for a fun and refreshing hot swim in the blue waters.

Therefore, the programme is set out open for you to choose what you desire amongst the extras.


1) All booking must be arranged with our booking office via phone or email

2) 15% of all booking must be paid in advance prior to date of the tour for complete reservations

3) Errors in booking dates will only be acceptable within 7 days before arrival/tour day.

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