Detailed Itinerary Marangu Route – 6 Days



As soon as we are done with the National park gate entrance requirements, we will head up straight climbing up through the green tropical forest with an aim of reaching the clearing that is (2.700m). After this we will either head through an afternoon excursion at the volcanic remains of Maundi Crater found nearby or take a rest within the beautiful forest. We will then head to Mandara Hut for camping which 3-5 hours walking)

The first part of the walk is a steep slope through forest, but the path soon opens out into green grassy upland and, in clear weather, there are good views of Kibo and Mawenzi Mountain peaks.  We will then scale steadily through the moorland zone, which contains a massive heather and intermittent stands of groundsel, to eventually reach the hut complex at Horombo (3,720m).

The site is close to Kibo Mountain peak and being above the clouds is something you’re guaranteed here. The sunrises and sunsets are often very stunning with this view. (4-6 hrs walking)

After which, we shall make a pleasure trip to the base of the infrequently visited Mawenzi Peak where well be able to  clearly view Kibo peak and our path up to the crater rim at Gillman’s Point. On this route, the landscape feels more alpine and there’s a greater sense of peacefulness than other locations. Our second night to will then be spent at Horombo Hut to assist you in becoming accustomed to the region. (4-5 Hours walking)

This is the day three of our hike where we climb very progressively towards the lunar desert of the Saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo where there is a sense of high altitude wilderness. By midday, we shall have reached Kibo Hut which is 4700m and is located at the bottom of the crater and a free afternoon to reflect the high point incline. The rest of the day is spent resting and eating in preparation of the final climb before an early night. (4-6 hrs)

We will start our way up by torchlight at about 1am so that by sunrise we will be up at Gilman’s Point. Our way up consists of a steep over loose volcanic scree and later some well-graded zigzags and at a slow but steady pace will have us up at Gilman’s Point which is 5,685m. (5-6 hrs). On arrival, we will take a rest there as we take in the enchanting sunrise. A three hour round trip can then be made by the strong ones along the crater rim to Uhuru peak (5,896m) as you pass close to the spectacular glaciers that make up the summit area. The descent is surprisingly fast as we return to Horombo Hut for the night. (11-15 hrs walking)

After the hike, we trace our way back as we swiftly walk through to Mandara and through the forest that later leads us to the National Park Gate. You will be amazed by the greenness and the lushness of the forest as you get to realize how varied the scenery on Mount Kilimanjaro is.)5-6Hrs)



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