Detailed Itinerary Northern Circuit – 9 Days



 Day 1: 

As soon as we are done with the registration processes at Londorosisi National Park gate, we immediately take a drive to the Lemosho road head where we will pass through a series of open farmland with a view over the plains. Depending with the weather patterns at the moment, the last section of the road usually becomes impassable for a drive through after the rains. We might then be forced to walk a kilometer or two below the road head where we will have our lunch before further proceeding through the beautiful and lush forest. We will then camp at Lemosho Big Treecamp (2,650m). (2-3hrs walking)

Day 2:

We will leave the forest and enter in through the moorland zone of giant heather. A view to the Shira Plateau will be seen beyond the path as we steadily climb up. There is a sense and feel of wilderness especially when the mist comes in. We will then camp at the center of the plateau at Shira One (3,550m) (6-7 hrs walking)

Day 3:        

We will reach the summit of Shira Cathedral by walking which is before arrival at the next camp at Shira Hut (3,840m). The campsite, which is close to the glaciated done of Kibo peak and the serrated rim of Shira Plateau make it have dazzling views of nature, not forgetting the remarkable view of Mt. Meru suspended on the clouds. (5-7 hrs walking).

Day 4:        

The day starts early in the morning where we follow the main trail up to the Lava Tower where the strong ones could climb up to the ruined hut at Arrow glacier which is around (4.800m). After which we shall proceed through from Lava Tower and reach our destined campsite at Moir Hut (4,200m). (5-7 hrs walking).

Day 5:

We will head out of the Moir Valley as we head to the summit of the Little Lent hill at 4,375 meters where we shall take some time admiring the views and embark the journey heading eastwards around the northern circuit track. The pathway passes through a field full of rock slabs. The last section of a two day walk undulate until our arrival of the Buffalo Camp location (4,150m) which is full of space and some fresh air as the Kenyan plains stretch out far below the north. (4-7 hrs walking)

Day 6:

We head to the buffalo ridge after the Buffalo camp where we slope down to reach Pouf on the other side that has a little spring and various foliage. The path then continues towards the east where we pass all the way through a landscape that has a sparse spurge of green vegetation. We eventually reach the Third cave camp (3,900m) (5-7 hrs walking).

Day 7:

To reach the Saddle, which is a lunar landscape between the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi, we shall climb all the way up steadily. Thereafter, we shall continue upwards where well reach in the early afternoon the School Hut Campsite (4,700m). The rest of the day is spent resting and setting up for the summit day. (4-5 hours walking)

Day 8:

The journey will start by torchlight at around midnight so that by daylight we can be at the Crater rim. We will then climb up steadily  over the loose volcanic scree that has some well- zigzags till we reach the Gilman’s Point (5,685m) (5-6 hrs walking) where we will take a rest enjoying the sunrise over Mawenzi. The trail then leads west along the crater rim to Uhuru peak (5,896 m) passing close to amazing glaciers and ice cliffs that take up most of the pinnacle area. We will then walk back the crater circumference to Stella Point then move down down through the Barafu Camp headed for Millenium Camp (3,800 m) (11-15 hrs walking).

Day 9: 

Well pass through a well constructed path through the beautiful lush of green forest alive with bird songs. We then head down through the National Park Gate at Mweka (1,650m) where we sign out from the national park before walking for a further 15 minutes through the coffee and banana farms to Mweka village where our vehicle awaits. Close at hand the shower, beer and the swimming pool are effortlessly found! (4-6 hrs walking)



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