Kijiji walk

Kijiji walk

This is a very excite walk in the traditionally setting Chagga village. You will walk in narrow paths “vichochoro’ across the banana and coffee sambas. You will also get an opportunity to pass by Chagga homesteads, local brew ‘mbege’ clubs, shops ‘dukas and genges’.  In you walk; you meet Chagga people who will give you warm smiles and greetings! The children will accompany their greetings with ‘Good morning teacher!’ regardless of your profession and the time of the day!

Income generated by 100% remains to the community by paying all sorts of operational costs such as tour guiding fees, coordination fees, contact person’s fees, supporting community development projects (water, health, education, ecological restoration & environmental conservation) and training of local service providers.

Machame Cultural Tourism  Machame Cultural Tourism

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