Machame Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism Activities




On the arrival you will be given a warm welcome by our Coordinator accompanied by the guides. After which you will be guided through our office to sign the visitors’ book. Thereafter, a brief history of Chagga tribe is specified. This includes their traditions, values, culture, taboos and economic activities since the Chagaa tribe make up a huge population of the inhabitants of Machame Nkweshoo. In addition to that, the Mt Kilimanjaro myth is also narrated.

After the above activities, the visitors are guided to the Museum where they will have opportunity to see various tools and instrument used by the people of Kilimanjaro area long time ago. Our guides give brief explanations for each item and respond to the visitors’ questions appropriately.

Visiting Ntondolo Caves:

The Caves are half an hour walk from the Office. On the way to the caves you crisscross in the banana and coffee “shamba” farms. There are traditional Chagga farms with mixed farming. You can see variety of indigenous fauna and flora. The guides will be available to give explanations.

Visiting Kalali Local Market:

The Market is one hour walk from the office. On the way you pass through the village and are able to see various chagga homesteads and people doing various activities. You may have a stopover for soft drinks. The guides will be available to explain and answer the various questions and any clarifications.

Hiking through the first Missionary Route: (Mkwamwatu) Route:

This is a six walk route full of adventures! The first Lutheran Missionaries arrived in Machame in 1840’s. They took this route and eventually were the first foreigners to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Along the Mkwamwatu Route you will see various dissocial signs such as Johannes Rebman Memorial Stone, the Chiefs’ homestead, the first Hospital (Mansanda), the first Middle School, the oldest grave yard where some of the Missionaries are laid in peace. You will also see the first boarding Girls’ School (Machame Nkwewoyo). Moreover you will be to see the oldest Church in Machame which was also the first Theology College for Catechists.

If you take the route on Market days (Monday and Thursday) you will get a good opportunity to visit the Kalali Market and get into the activities above (Kalali Market)

Visiting Nkosalulu Water Falls:

The falls are half an hour walk from the office.  The village ‘road’ will give you an opportunity to see Chagga life style.  You will do down the ravine and feel the white, cold and clean water down the falls.  What a magnificent view up the falls! The thundering of the falls and the flora around all give you special feelings! Bring flat shoes to give you an environmental friendly walk! We have sticks for you! On the way back you can visit a local club where you will see Chagga people having good time after a long day of hard work. You can quench your thirst too!!

Cooking Traditional Dishes:

The cooking will give opportunity to participate fully in various activities. The activities involve: Learning about local ingredients and prepare them for cooking, learning about the utensils, lighting the fire using firewood in a traditional ‘ jiko’, doing the actual cooking, serving and eventually enjoying the delicious meal. Vegetarians, you don’t have to worry, we have almost everything you need!

Coffee Making:

Coffee is grown in the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. This type of coffee is Arabica.

The session will start with a short brief about coffee in Kilimanjaro. Then they will visit a coffee ‘shamba’ nearby to see coffee trees. In the farm they will also learn about all procedures that coffee goes through from planting to harvesting. Thereafter the visitors will learn the coffee recipe. From there, the visitors will engage in preparing the coffee using local tools. These procedures will include: sorting, polishing, roosting, grinding, and sieving. The process will be accomplished by preparing the made coffee and eventually enjoying its aromatic taste.

Visiting Environmental Conservation Activities:

Visitors will get opportunity to visit and participate in various environmental activities in the village. These activities are mainly carried by women. The aims of these activities are: to make the village and Kilimanjaro greener, to educate and create awareness on the importance of good environment for better life. These activities are: tree nurseries (Indigenous species), Protecting and taking care of water resources, using traditional methods to preserve food and combat pests. Visitors will be briefed on all these.

Therefore visitors will have opportunity not only to see but also to participate in planting, watering, weeding. This will make them become part of our conversation activities. You can give a name to a tree too!

Visiting the Forest:

Since Mount Kilimanjaro is just behind our office the visitors will be able to visit Kilimanjaro forest. The tour to the forest will start where birds and herb plants will make your journey full of joy. The walking will take you to places with fresh air, natural springs and highly respected ritual sites. Melodious and colorful birds will be entertaining you throughout your route.  You can have magnificent of KILI view too.

Traditional Dance:

Traditional dance is part of our activities. Our group consists of men and women from the village using the traditional costumes. As usual, each dance has its special meaning according to the message conveyed. Visitors will not only watch but also participate in the dancing and playing the drums. So expect to dance vigorously to raise the dust!


The visitors will see products made from locally available resources. The weaving is done by a group of women as an income generating activity. Also they will be able to participate in preparing the materials and even making the goods such as hats, handbags, wallets, earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. You can have a souvenir too.

Visiting Schools:

The visitors will get opportunity to visit local schools (secondary and primary) to get glimpse of general school setting and environment. You can also interact with the school community (pupils/students and teachers) both in and out of the classroom. Don’t miss such genuine smiles!

Attending Church Mass:

Visitors who are interested will have an opportunity to attend a local church mass with the villagers. The mass is organized in Chagga language –Kichagga, but the guide will be available for translation. This will let   you to interact with various people in colorful African wears. Don’t miss listening to the local choir singing hymns.


We provide a very good accommodation both in the rooms and in tents. Both are installed with modern toilets with warm running water. The environment around the accommodation is so beautiful with indigenous vegetations.

Staying with us for a day or two will surely acclimatize you ready to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and of course to the summit! You can also visit us on the way back to relax after a big job to concur Africa.


Hiking is also one of our activities. We have several routes to take with various sceneries and distance. You can do the hiking either on foot or by mountain bikes.

Kikuletwa hotspring:

1 Day Itinerary.

45 minutes from Machame  Moshi, – Tanzania
The drive will initially start on paved road toward Arusha, before turning left onto gravel road about 30 minutes later that will lead you through the gorgeous African country side past bush land, dry riverbeds, baobab and acacia trees among many others.

This vast area, which used to be a hunting ground for Europeans during the 1800s, is a home to members of many different tribes who live as peacefully co-existing neighbors. Although the game has long since migrated, it is still a haven to many animal species, including a variety of birds.

As you reach Kikuletwa it will appear as an oasis surrounded by sprawling fig trees, in the middle of this semi arid landscape. You will see crystal clear water bubbling from underground caves, giving the impression that it is boiling, hence the name “Hotsprings”.

The water is perfectly refreshing and if you brought your bathing suit, this is your time to take a dip and relax in the shade of the trees.After a picnic lunch we will start making our way back to Machame.

We also offer services for those who are interested in climbing the famous Mount Kilimanjaro through various routes such as Marangu, Northern Circuit, Rongai, Lemosho and Machame. Come and experience the lushness of the green tropical forest as you get to realize how varied the scenery on Mount Kilimanjaro is!”



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